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I invite you to read my point of view on life, on love, on photography and everything in between.

My placemat project

My name is Efrat Lovel, a creative photographer, a resident of Netiv Ha'Tara, born in Ha'Otaf. Mother to Ariel, 6.5 years old, we were evacuated from our homes and have been staying for who knows how many weeks in Pardes Hana - Karkur.

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My inspiration collection

From the age of 7 my camera is ON. From the age of 7. In a quick calculation, this comes out to 34 full years in which I experimented with documenting the life around me. Over the years, I built a collection of

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"In Effie's Yard"

I have always loved markets and fairs. From the "Keh Tan" market in Kibbutz Zikim in the eighties to the markets in Oxford Street in London as a child in the nineties. From dirty floor markets in India, Nepal, Thailand to the most expensive fairs of

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Wedding album - never too late.

What is an early hour for customer excavations?... 08:00 Call from a customer: "I've been waiting since 6 in the morning to call you. I put the girl in kindergarten and immediately called. Are you free to talk? It requires

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