My placemat project

My name is Efrat Lovel, a creative photographer, a resident of Netiv Hatara, born in Otef.
Mother of 6.5 year old Ariel, evacuated from our homes and staying for who knows how many weeks in Pardes Hana - Karkur.

In the past year I have created a product of placemats that I have designed consisting of inspirational photos that I have taken throughout my career.
The placemats can suit any family that wants their dining table to be a little more colorful than usual.
Each placemat has an amusing and positive inspirational sentence.
The placemats are made of very high quality PVC material and are very easy to clean.

The story behind the product-
The product I created comes thanks to a story of my son's lip delay and a recommendation from our speech therapist to produce a sheikh at dinner time, at the end of each day.
One evening, while talking, my son asked how my photo shoot was today and asked to see pictures. I didn't agree to turn on the cell phone while eating and he said to me "Oh mom, it's a shame you can't see the pictures here on the whole table".
The wheels of my creative brain started to work and at that moment the idea of placemats with pictures was born.

I have 9 colored models and you can assemble cases according to the need and the size of your dining table.

For business customers - you can order a large quantity and accordingly I will give you an exact price offer.

There is no doubt that this is a slightly different gift than a box of sweets that momentarily warms the stomach and it is also not a gift that requires a kosher certificate or shipping temperatures.
It is a gift full of inspiration, joyful, that can bring a lot of light into the home in these crazy days when we are all busy breathing deeply and praying that we will see better and more optimistic days.

לרכישה – בחנות האונליין שלי –

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