If you ask me, you've come to the right place. You are looking for a photographer. or a photographer. Someone to record you.
If it's wedding photography, business image photography, family photography, book bat mitzvah, product photography, social photography. One of them is safe. Now close your eyes and feel it happening. With light energy, in a relaxed atmosphere, with laughter, in natural lighting. Things happen by themselves and I'm quietly on the sidelines documenting (well I don't promise that I'll be like that quietly, after all I'm a colorful and happy woman. A little sound is part of my package).
Well, does it suit you? magnificent.
Now take a look at my works and get some inspiration of how you would like your photos to look.

The most photogenic to me that I like.
Food photography. yummy
You are a powerful woman. business owner with superpowers. You know how to do a million tasks even in sweatpants. But have you already done portrait photography for your business? You are the most beautiful that flatters you. So why don't you stop everything and spend a moment on yourself?
Female portraits
Take a walk in nature, have a family experience. breathe together to laugh. to enjoy. And all this while I produce family photos in the most light and relaxed way possible. appropriate?
family photos
Social = Social, Stock = Bank. Creating a photo bank for your business in one photo day.
Social Stock
A 12-year-old girl celebrates the beginning of life. the childhood You are the joy of life. She calls it Bok Bat Metzush. Natural, effortless photography that allows her to be herself.
Buk Bat Mitzvah
Your sweet child has turned 13, Jewish tradition is part of your family. A synagogue, putting on tefillin, holding a Torah scroll, accompanied by a family that has gone through a whole life's journey and is moved to see their offspring ascending to the Torah. I am here to document the important moments.
Bar Mitzvah
Cool product shots = visual content that draws the eye to a purchase. The simplest there is.
Product photos
Go out into nature, photograph your brand in daylight, with sparkles of the sun and crazy colors. Let your models feel free to merge with the infinite space.
Fashion photography in nature
Because there is nothing like sitting in the living room and flipping through an album....
Lots of digital albums
Finish designing a house. Want everyone to see your creation. I understand you. I would like too.
Photographs of houses

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