Social Stock

You sit in a cafe with your laptop, close your eyes and figure out the next step, how to present it, how to talk about it, what words to choose to write an original and refreshing post. Are you satisfied with what you wrote?
A second before clicking on a post and you remember that you didn't attach any picture.
Google, free image search, copy paste and SHARE.
Look at your post, what's wrong?
You invested, you thought, you wrote, you were accurate. Then you pasted the first image you found on Google. You scroll through Facebook and see that your colleague also pasted the same frame in her post. Oh and ayyy….
If this is your situation - you should create a photo bank for yourself that will be accurate for your business.
Colorful, stimulating, eye-catching.
This is exactly the purpose of Social Stock Photo Day. Social = Social, Stock = Bank.
The goal is to build you a photo bank for social networks, a photo database for business marketing. So that when you finish writing that post, you can attach to it one of the interesting and unique photos we took together and then we'll see how your audience's reactions will be.
Do you think they will remain indifferent??

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