"In Effie's Yard"

I have always loved markets and fairs.
From the "Keh Ten" market in Kibbutz Zikim in the 1980s to the markets in Oxford Street in London as a child in the 1990s.
From dirty floor markets in India, Nepal, Thailand to the most expensive fairs of Nathanala. 

I have always been interested in fairs. I looked at the design, the aesthetics, the colors, the comfort, the order, the variety.

The thing that made it the most for me - is the connection between people. The dating, the conversations. As a photographer, of course, I always recorded all these wonderful moments.
And I quietly dreamed that one day I would produce fairs myself.

A quantum leap to 2022, my life's journey has changed from end to end personally and as a family. I changed residential location, family status, general energy of life.
Out of gratitude for the fact that I am alive, whole and healthy, raising a sweet, healthy and happy child... came the great desire to return good to the universe that preserved me.

In my eyes, to give back good is to connect people, to give a platform to creators, to shed light and good energy in my space and on everyone around me.

This is how my fair > "In Effie's Yard" was woven for him. An art fair, whose whole purpose is to do good. to the creators. to the crowd around me. for myself and my family.
Celebrate life, laugh, connect with emotion, enjoy. just enjoy.

From the experience of 17 years of professional photography, I created stunning products from the field of photography and even built and branded my mother's creative business - healing with essential oils. Because if I'm going to give a reason - then of course first of all to my magical mother who helps us all get well from everything thanks to the world of Shelia aromatherapy.

In 2022, I produced 3 magical fairs in the yard of my house in Moshav Netiv Hatara, in the Gaza Envelope. I have given a platform to many creators, some from Otaf and some friends from all over the country.

The upcoming fairs will be held on the following dates:
Friday > 17.2.23
Saturday > 25.2.23
Monday, Passover > 10.4.23

Feel free to follow the posts inMy private profile on Facebook And of course sitInstagram.
registered "In Effie's yard" in Wise Or follow the pink signage at the entrance to the seat.

You are cordially invited to drink coffee with me, wash your eyes with lots of creativity. Get to know the creators, pamper yourself and pamper yourself.
waiting for your hug,

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