Social Stock - what is it?

About a decade ago while sitting and reflecting on my life in my colorful apartment in Tel Aviv. Single. Wedding photographer. Live life like there's no tomorrow (Alek, there's a wedding to shoot tomorrow, what movie am I living in, I have to go to bed soon).
When Facebook was in Israel in its first two years and Instagram was too long a word that no one knew.
I sit and think about today's photos that I'm going to make for my company, Naama Gefen - naturopath, the one that brings about the healthy changes in my life.
I run through ideas in my head, make lists and close my eyes and look for inspiration in my imagination.
I'm making a list of post ideas for her. Breaks down the list into a table and translates an idea into each frame.
This is how I built the first steps in my product in my mind - Social Stock.
Social = social.
Stock = bank.
Photo bank for social networks. So although there was only one network, I had no doubt that it would end there.
I owe the phrase, by the way, full credit to my talented friend - Noa Berman, the copywriter who always knew how to come up with incredibly accurate combinations of words.
Back to the story, then I came to Naama Gefen for photos and through her I saw the newborn. I saw the need of a business owner for a photo bank. I heard her talking about a certain topic on the phone with a client and I immediately wrote it down and built a frame for her.
"Did you catch what you said to that patient? Do you understand that this is a great topic for a post? Do you understand that in the evening when you sit down to write it you will need a picture that will attract your audience to read the post? You understand that if you don't have a picture that stimulates some kind of emotion, no one will stop to read the topic Is everything so important that you want to talk about it?"
I saw in her eyes that her token fell.
No one reads posts if there isn't some kind of frame that surpasses emotion. that makes me angry, that moves, that makes me shed a tear or just makes me think "Oh, that's how I am".
The main thing is that that customer will stop on the frame, scroll back and read the content you wrote.
Just because of a picture. And an authentic and beautiful picture (no hahha!)
From now on - no more buying photos from websites.
No more stealing from Google images and risking a lawsuit.
The solution is to produce your own image bank, which suits your business, your needs, your posts. A bank that will serve you for a few months to come.
And yes, we will meet every 3-4 months to fill this bank.

Because you, as business owners, want to be the most special there is.
You want to produce your own language and break out with it. Because that's the only way independents survive in our world - when they set themselves apart and break boundaries.

So about a decade ago I built the product.
And since then I understand that there is no business owner who does not need such a photo day. Photo day where I build a photo bank for you.
if you naturopathic, if you have Culinary food tours, if you are a company Magic Colors The legendary, if you Creates in macrame or if you Inbal is a hero And you design with paper, if you are yoga teacher, Jewelry designer, NLP therapist, if you Moriah Shapir that makes health a little different, if you Liran folded And you have an animation studio, if you beautician, lingerie designer or Interior Designer.
All of us (yes yes this includes me as a photographer) - we all need special, happy, stimulating and unique photos for our business.
Therefore - Social Stock is your product.
Talk to me,
I promise you will be happy.
love you,

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