Wedding album - never too late.

What is an early hour for customer digs?….
08:00 Call from a customer: "I've been waiting since 6 in the morning to call you. I put the girl in kindergarten and immediately called. Are you free to talk? It requires you to sit down."
I, who just put Ariel in kindergarten, am over the moon happy that today, for the first time since the first of September, he said to me with complete independence, "Mom, Beyush"... I skip with pleasure on the paths of the seat, enjoying and holding on to this perfect moment... I receive a call from a client and stop.
Me: "Yes dear, I just sat down and I'm all yours" (I swear I stopped and sat down on the grass).
The customer: "Finally we have a big house to host, I made all the recipes you took for the holiday of this wonderful healthy one - In reality. Everyone! I blew up the kitchen. I cleaned, arranged, sorted, a holiday came tonight, the peak of the investment for me, my husband's family came from abroad. Not just any family, grandparents! They got on a plane and came straight to us! We ate and had fun. They kept complimenting the new house, the cooking. They asked to see you The wedding album our. I didn't know where to put myself. My husband told them we didn't make it. Only 3 years have passed since the wedding. You don't understand what an eyebrow they raised at me. With faces of... one might think, it's all a wedding album. I was ashamed. Pierre I was ashamed. You know why? because i'm lazy Because I follow your posts and every time I tell myself that I will send you the pictures and let you do the work. And every time I reject it. Just so you know - there is such a disease. Procrastination. And I really want to say goodbye to this disease. So I called. Because today, on Y-W-M, I'm sending you all 4,000 photos I received from our wedding photographer (which in this case was you), choose you and do what is necessary so that I will have a wedding album on the table in the living room, and also A copy for the grandparents, we will send them abroad, the best for me, high-level grandparents."
Me: "Let's go to work."

Listen, this conversation is the most real thing there is.
Did you get the point?
Don't you have a wedding album either? It happens to the best.
Just because I feel like it, I promise a 10% discount to anyone who comes from the above post and gives me a Polish response related to the content of the post.
love you,

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