Moran and Boaz Tel Aviv

You Moran Milky My beloved, the talented makeup artist, I met back in my working days on television and in commercials. From the first moment we fell in love with each other, we fell in love with vibes and she already signaled to me, even then... that one day I would photograph her wedding. Years later, the day came and she called to inform me that I had been chosen to be her wedding photographer.
Of course she made life difficult for me on the wedding day. Because she has to, but still - it didn't break me. And this is part of the package deal - to photograph a friend's wedding 🙂
Moran and Boaz got married in an evening wedding in the Tel Aviv scene. He was hysterical.
Beside me they worked really hard... second photographer, right hand | Shahar Livni the champion and a stunning videographer with talent Guy Lahav

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